Rubens C. Romanelli

My son!

WHEN, at the time of inner sorrow, dejection invades your soul and tears come to your eyes, search for me: I am the one who knows how to cease your weeping and end your tears.

WHEN you believe you are misunderstood by those who surround you and you see that, around you, indiference increases, come close to me: I am the LIGHT, under the rays of which the purity of your intentions and the nobility of your feelings clear up.

WHEN your vitality extinguishes and you're unable to defy the the vicissitudes of life and you are about to faint, call me: I am the STRENGHT which is able to push away the rocks of the ways and make you rule the world adversities.

WHEN the merciless fate windstorms lash you and you don't know anylonger where to lean your head against, run to me: I am the REFUGE, in the breast of which you'll find a shelter for your body and tranquility for your spirit.

WHEN you lack calmness, at the moments of greatest anguish, and you think you're unable to keep serenity of spirit, invoke me: I am the PATIENCE, which makes you defeat the most painful pangs and triumph over the most difficult situations.

WHEN you struggle in paroxysms of pain and you have your soul wounded by the difficulties along the away, cry for me: I am the BALM which heals your wounds and lessen your sufferings.

WHEN the world deludes you with its fallacicus promises and you realize that nobody can inspire you assurance anylonger, come to me: I am the SINCERITY, which knows how to retribute the openness of your attitudes and the nobleness of your ideals.

WHEN sadness and melancholy fill up your heart and everything causes you annoyance, cry out for me: I am the JOY, which insufflates a renewed enthusiasm into you and makes you know the enchantment of your inner world.

WHEN, one by one, the most beautiful ideals of yours fade and you feel at the peak of despair, appeal to me: I am the HOPE, which strenghtens your faith and lulls your dreams.

WHEN wickedness refuses to excuse your faults and you experience the hardness of human heart, seek for me: I am the FORGIVENESS, which cheers up your mood and promotes the rehabilitation of your spirit.

WHEN you doubt everything, even your own convictions, and skepticism oppresses your soul, call me forth: I am the BELIEF, which overflows your knowledge into light and makes you able to conquer happiness.

WHEN you no longer experience the sublimity of a tender and sincere affection and you are disenchanted about your fellows' feelings, come close to me: I am the RENOUNCEMENT, which teaches you to forget men's ingratitude and leave behind you the world's misunderstanding.

And when at last, you want to know who I am, ask the brook which whispers and the bird which sings, ask the flower that blooms and the star that shines, ask the youth who hopes and the old one who remembers. I am the dynamics of life, the harmony of nature: I am called LOVE, the medicine for all the evils which torment your spirit.

Then, stretch out your hand to me, oh, you, soul which is a child of my soul and I'll lead you, in a sequence of extasis and fascination to the serene mansions of infinity, under the shining light of eternity.

RUBENS COSTA ROMANELLI: "O Primado do Espírito" cap.2, pag. 16-18, 3rd enlarged edition 1965, Editora Síntese Ltda., Divinópolis - M.G., Brazil.