Rubens C. Romanelli

If darkness thickens around your steps, don't be bewildered. Respond, by intensifying the light that shines inside you.

If evil tries to sully your deeds, don't be disturbed. Respond, by multiplying the goodness that lives in your heart.

If slander trends to insinuate in the set of your relationships, don't be enraged. Respond, by worshiping the truth that pontificates at the altar of your conscience.

If vanity attempts to entangle you in the webs of illusion, don't be settled. Respond, by loving the simplicity that lies in the essence of your life.

If sorrow tries to subject your spirit, don't be dejected. Respond, by nourishing yourself from the joy that hides in the roots of your belief.

If hatred attempts to penetrate the sanctuary of your feelings, don't be distressed. Respond, by unfolding the love robe that "covers the crowd of sins".

And, if, in despite of your responses, you see that evil still resists, even so respond to the infiltration of discouragement, because a day will come when all the darkness will turn into Light, all the evil into Goodness, all the sorrow into Joy, all the hatred into Love.

RUBENS COSTA ROMANELLI: "O Primado do Espírito" cap.7, pag. 29, 3rd enlarged edition 1965, Editora Síntese Ltda., Divinópolis - M.G., Brazil.