Rubens C. Romanelli


You flood me in the splendor of Your light

and, yet, blind, I can't see You.

You talk to me in the eloquence of Your speech

and, yet, deaf, I can't hear You.

You fire me in the heat of Your love

and, yet, insensible, I can't feel You.

Oh! Strange contradiction!

You, so close to me,

and I, so far from You!

Lord, unveil my eyes, which are blind, because of pride;

open my ears which are deaf because of vanity,

and make my heart sensible for it is hardened because of wickedness,

so that I can find out Your divine presence,

in the intimacy of my being!

RUBENS COSTA ROMANELLI: "O Primado do Espírito" cap. 1, pg. 15, 3rd enlarged edition, 1965, Editora Síntese Ltda., Divinópolis - M.G., Brazil.